Once Upon A Time...

So this will be my first post relating to my design work. 

Anyone who knows me will know a have a deep love for fairy tales. A deep, deep love. I have the original Arthur Rackham illustrated version of Grimm's Fairy tales and Edmund Dulac illustrated version of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales. Besides The Portrait of Dorian Grey, Oscar Wilde's collection of fairy tales, The House of Pomegranates, is my favorite work of his. This is why I absolutely loathe the American tv show Once Upon A Time because that show distills, lacks the core essence, magic and bite of fairy tales, but enough about that. 

Anyone who knows me will also know I love chocolate. So my latest brief was to design chocolate packaging: a box and the wrappers. We could design for truffles or bars. i decided to go for bars. I've been hoping to incorporate my love of fairy tales into a project for a while, and this was it. The brand is "Wicked Chocolate" which is a name I came up with myself although there are probably chocolate brands called it. I just liked the sound of the word 'Wicked' and it went well with my entire fairy tale theme.

So these were my final designs for the chocolate bars. The illustrations were inspired by folk art and paper cutting, and the colors are inspired by the flavors of each of the chocolate bars, which were, in turn, inspired by the fairytales themselves. And I also drew a lot of inspiration from Coralie Bickford-Smith's work with Penguin on the clothbound classics. 

So for example, The flavors for Beauty & the Beast are pomegranate and rose. The rose connection is obvious, because of the fairy tale, but the pomegranates come from my love of the Hades/Persephone myth. Depending on what reading you take of that story (there are some pretty horrible ones), if you look at the less messed up version, the Hades/Persephone myth does share similarities thematically with Beauty & the Beast.

For the box, I was inspired by Hanel & Gretel and the Gingerbread House of course. I wanted to design a box that looked like a book, but it was too impractical to execute, so I went with a gingerbread house, and I had to figure out how to make it functional as well. 

To keep in line with the design of the wrappers I had to think about how to translate the look of a gingerbread house to match up. There are gingerbread houses that are iced entirely in just white royal icing and I thought that was gorgeous, so I took that as inspiration to keep with the two color scheme going on with everything else.

So that's about it. The whole gallery for this project can be viewed here. I wanted to explain my concept in more words and explain what a massive fairy tale nut I am. I am pleased to also note that I did really well for this project and my tutor loved it. So that's always very nice to hear, because honestly every time I finish a project I think it's crap... When you work on something for so long, you kind of lose all perspective after a while...